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  What a gorgeous late summer evening at Minnehaha Falls.  Ella and Graeme were great, and even after a long day of school, they were troopers for their photo shoot.  They are lucky kids to be a part of such a nice family!

The Merriest Christmas to all my clients, friends and brides to be!  Looking forward to a busy, fun and fabulous 2011!  

What could be better than a new pair of Converse sneakers in your Easter basket?

Brrrrr!  The cold cold January temperatures kept us inside for photos, but we found some fun and interesting places to be.  Westminster has such a beautiful sanctuary and it was warm inside!  Maggie was a very traditional bride and wanted Jake to see her for the first time as she walked down the aisle.  He was truly beaming when he saw her.  I was thrilled to shoot this winter wedding

12.17.2009 Boys Boys Boys

For a house with three brothers, these adorable boys were so calm and sweet for their photos.  Baby Grant was the star, and at 6 months old he is so sweet and good natured.  Zane and Conner adore him and were so good at keeping him happy and comfy.  All that beautiful blond hair and those blue eyes - what true little Minnesotans!  I hope they enjoy these photos as

Photographing my dear friend Chrissy's family reminded me that we were not too much older than her twins when we first became friends. She is like another sister to me, and I couldn't imagine life without her.  Her adorable kids couldn't be more opposite of each other - Alexia is calm and likes to keep everything in order.  Bobby doesn't sit still for an instant before he is off and

11.11.2009 Sisters

It was great to shoot on such a warm November afternoon.  Harper and Ella were so sweet and agreeable to anything I suggested.  They are beautiful girls and a pleasure to photograph.  I was happy that Maggie and Ruby joined our little photo shoot as well!