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10.02.2015 Ava

I've gotten way behind on these posts, but it is fun to look back on these images of summer now that there is a chill in the air. This is Ava. She is adorable, full of spunk, and was great fun to spend a little time with. She reminded me that I need to brush up on my jokes - hers were much better than mine!

06.16.2014 Olivia

I had a great time with this 9 year old beauty.  She is a natural in front of the camera, and her smile brightened my day!

Introducing Jacob Daniel. An absolute sweetie with the yummiest chubby cheeks ever! Congratulations Joy and Jon and Big Brother Caelum.

What a gorgeous fall day to be outside!  Lily and Gabriel were so much fun to photograph, and they were the easiest kids I've photographed in a long time - always smiling and listening intently to my suggestions.  I think they had fun too!

Little Miles was three weeks old when he had his session, but he was still tiny and precious as can be.  He slept like a little angel, and his proud big sister Maxine was a good helper.  He is blessed to be born into such a great family.  Congratulations to all of you!

Here is sweet baby Marco.  I was lucky enough to capture him at just 5 days old.  Congrats Kate and Dan, he is absolutely precious!

  What a gorgeous late summer evening at Minnehaha Falls.  Ella and Graeme were great, and even after a long day of school, they were troopers for their photo shoot.  They are lucky kids to be a part of such a nice family!

This little angel was just perfect for his first shoot.  He was awake for a little while and content as can be, then drifted off to sleep for most of the rest of our session.  I always love documenting a newborn when they are still so tiny and sweet, and Caelum is just precious!

The Merriest Christmas to all my clients, friends and brides to be!  Looking forward to a busy, fun and fabulous 2011!  

Baby Grant is one of the easiest going, happiest kiddos ever!  He was full of personality and smiles, and I am so glad we did this quick shoot before all the snow fell!