Here is Samuel, so sweet and adorable at age 1.  He was so calm and collected, but we managed to get some giggles too.  Happy first birthday Samuel!

age1 samuel 11 Samuel {Age One}age1 samuel 21 Samuel {Age One}age1 samuel 31 Samuel {Age One}age1 samuel 41 Samuel {Age One}age1 samuel 51 Samuel {Age One}age1 samuel 61 Samuel {Age One}

Little Miles was three weeks old when he had his session, but he was still tiny and precious as can be.  He slept like a little angel, and his proud big sister Maxine was a good helper.  He is blessed to be born into such a great family.  Congratulations to all of you!

baby m blog1 Baby Miles {newborn}baby m blog2 Baby Miles {newborn}baby m blog3 Baby Miles {newborn}baby m blog4 Baby Miles {newborn}baby m blog5 Baby Miles {newborn}baby m blog6 Baby Miles {newborn}WEB SIG 1000 Baby Miles {newborn}

On a freezing cold Saturday these two just melted my heart!  Annie and Jack have been together since 10th grade, and when you see them together you just know they were meant to be.  They have such an easiness about them, and the afternoon was filled with laughter and smiles.  Jack has a passion for skydiving, and his bright yellow parachute was a perfect accent to the bright white snow.  Hopefully the cold and snow will all be a memory, and we will have lots of green in time for your May wedding – I can’t wait!

engagement82 Annie & Jack {Engagement}engagement13 Annie & Jack {Engagement}engagement32 Annie & Jack {Engagement}engagement42 Annie & Jack {Engagement}engagement52 Annie & Jack {Engagement}engagement62 Annie & Jack {Engagement}engagement72 Annie & Jack {Engagement}WEB SIG 1000 Annie & Jack {Engagement}

Prior to  Aaron’s Bar Mitzvah, we photographed him with his wonderful family.  Here is a peak at some of their images.  More to come soon from his celebration!

blog1 Aaron {Bar Mitzvah}blog3 Aaron {Bar Mitzvah}blog4 Aaron {Bar Mitzvah}blog5 Aaron {Bar Mitzvah}blog6 Aaron {Bar Mitzvah}

What a celebration this wedding was.  Darcy and Bernard radiated joy and love from the moment they saw each other, and their family was equally as joyous.  The day was cold and a bit windy, but there were no complaints, just smiles and laughter all around.  Thanks for letting me document your lovely day!d b wedding1 Darcy + Bernard {Married}d b wedding2 Darcy + Bernard {Married}d b wedding3 Darcy + Bernard {Married}d b wedding4 Darcy + Bernard {Married}d b wedding5 Darcy + Bernard {Married}d b wedding6 Darcy + Bernard {Married}d b wedding101 Darcy + Bernard {Married}d b wedding7 Darcy + Bernard {Married}d b wedding8 Darcy + Bernard {Married}d b wedding9 Darcy + Bernard {Married}WEB SIG 1000 Darcy + Bernard {Married}

Wedding Gown: Brides of France

Bridesmaid Dress: David’s Bridal

Florist: Sweet Peas Floral

Cake: Buttercream

Band: R-Factor

10.14.2012 Middle School

These four beautiful girls had an assignment for middle school language arts.  It involved a fashion show, a cat theme, and lots of work together as a group.  I had the honor of photographing them, and even got a mention in the photo credits of their assignment. What fun!

4girls 1 Middle School4girls2 Middle School4girls3 Middle School4girls4 Middle School4girls5 Middle School

Julie and Luke met while in college where she was a trainer for his university baseball team.  Sports still are a big part of their lives, and I think it is fitting that Julie and I first met while running on the treadmill!  These two had a spectacularly windy but lovely wedding day.  The reception couldn’t have been more fun.  The dueling piano players kept everyone laughing and singing the night away.  What a fun way to end a fabulous day.  Thanks to both of you for the honor of documenting your wedding.  Happiness always!

tcp wedding 1 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 2 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 3 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 4 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 5 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 6 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 7 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 8 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 9 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 10 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 11 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 12 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 13 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 14 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 15 Julie & Luke {married}tcp wedding 16 Julie & Luke {married}WEB SIG 1000 Julie & Luke {married}

Wedding Gown: The Hope Chest Bridal

Hair/Make-up: Cara Owens

Bridesmaid Dresses: The Hope Chest Bridal

Florist: Maple Grove Florist

Cake: Better Cream Creations

Dueling Pianos: Deuces Wild!

Caterer: TPC Twin Cities

Gavin first fell for Natalie when they were in the fourth grade, and after years of pursuit, she finally gave him a chance, and the rest is history!  These two sweethearts shared a spectacular wedding day, and it was such fun to be a part of it!  Natalie was a stunning bride, and Gavin a charming groom.  Their ceremony and reception were both held at the beautiful Stoneridge Golf Club in Stillwater. These two have been together for a long time, and their fun has only just begun.  I wish them so much happiness in the days ahead, and am so glad I got to be a part of their day.

nataliegavin blog11 Natalie & Gavin {Married}nataliegavin blog1 Natalie & Gavin {Married}nataliegavin blog2 Natalie & Gavin {Married}nataliegavin blog4 Natalie & Gavin {Married}nataliegavin blog3 Natalie & Gavin {Married}nataliegavin blog5 Natalie & Gavin {Married}nataliegavin blog6 Natalie & Gavin {Married}nataliegavin blog7 Natalie & Gavin {Married}nataliegavin blog8 Natalie & Gavin {Married}nataliegavin blog9 Natalie & Gavin {Married}nataliegavin blog10 Natalie & Gavin {Married}nataliegavin blog13 Natalie & Gavin {Married}nataliegavin blog12 Natalie & Gavin {Married}WEB SIG 1000 Natalie & Gavin {Married}

Wedding Gown Designer/Store Purchased: Justin Alexander/Our Shop in Stillwater

Hair/Makeup: Kim Kittelson/Mariah’s Beauty Marks

Bridesmaid Dresses: Belsoie/Our Shop

Florist: Shelli Debilzan Forever in Bloom

Cake: Buttercream

Caterer: Stoneridge Golf Club

DJ: PM Enterprise

From the very moment Kristin and Jeremy saw each other on their wedding day, I knew they had something special.  There was such happiness surrounding the two of them, and the love they have for each other is so sweet and genuine.  In so many of my favorite images, they are kissing each other, and it wasn’t that I told them to kiss, it was just so natural for them.  I had such a great time and loved being a part of this special day.  Thanks to both of you, and happiness always!

bavolek blog1 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}bavolek blog2 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}bavolek blog3 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}bavolek blog4 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}bavolek blog5 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}bavolek blog6 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}bavolek blog7 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}bavolek blog8 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}bavolek blog9 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}bavolek blog10 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}bavolek blog11 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}bavolek blog12 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}bavolek blog14 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}bavolek blog13 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}WEB SIG 1000 Kristin & Jeremy {Married}

Wedding Gown:  David’s Bridal

Hair/Make-up:  526 Salon

Florist:  Ryan Peters

Cake/Dessert: Grandma’s Bakery

DJ:  Bellagalla

Caterer:  Sweeneys

I had such a great time with Nicole and Adam on their wedding day.  Nicole was so completely organized, and the day went so smoothly.  Their family and friends were tons of fun, and from start to finish the day was filled with joy and smiles all around.  One of my favorite moments was when Nicole put on her dress and saw how incredibly beautiful she looked. I truly love capturing the emotions that accompany this day!  After the ceremony Nicole and Adam rode off on a vintage bicycle built for two.  The details at the reception were beautiful, and the cheesecake bar was a huge hit.  Thanks so much for giving me the privilege of sharing your amazing day!

lovaas blog1 Nicole & Adam {Married}lovaas blog2 Nicole & Adam {Married}lovaas blog4 Nicole & Adam {Married}lovaas blog5 Nicole & Adam {Married}lovaas blog6 Nicole & Adam {Married}lovaas blog7 Nicole & Adam {Married}lovaas blog8 Nicole & Adam {Married}lovaas blog9 Nicole & Adam {Married}lovaas blog10 Nicole & Adam {Married}lovaas blog12 Nicole & Adam {Married}lovaas blog11 Nicole & Adam {Married}lovaas blog13 Nicole & Adam {Married}WEB SIG 1000 Nicole & Adam {Married}

Wedding Gown: Heartstrings Bridal

Hair/Make-up: Smart & Chic

Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstrom

Wedding Coordinator: McKenzie Brickl

Florist: Chez Bloom

Wedding Cake: Catering by Ruth

DJ: JPS Entertainment

Caterer: Lancer Catering